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Network pc monitoring

IMonitor EAM spies on employees' PC and internet activities.

Centralized employee monitoring solution, SEE & LOG everything they do on the PC & INTERNET in real-time. IMonitor EAM Allows you invisibly monitor all employee's pc & internet activities from one contralized position.

Live Screenshots Website visited Chat / Instant Messages Online searches
Program activities Document tracking Print job Clipboard activities
Network activity FTP File Transfers Event alerts Removable disk alerts
Remote control Hardware software asset software alteration Lock remote pc
Send msg to employees Block application Block website disable USB stick
Remote task manager End application Enumerate services Enumerate Auto-run
Send file to employees Upload file Send command Work time tracking

Imomitor EAM- A powerful tool for network pc monitoring

Imonitor EAM , a powerful employee monitoring software which is suitable for any company. With the technical support of it, you can find any detail about your employees' or kids' pc and Internet usage on server, prevents them from doing somthing that is against the company's policy. raise high productivity and guarantee internet security.

With IMonitor EAM, you can view and record your employees' or your kids' PC activities such as their online conversation, the documents they processd, the websites they visited, the software they ran, the emails they sent, the business information in their computer and even the screenshots of their online activities. It works in stealth mode, all recorded data will be collected in the server database. The emplyer will find out what employees are doing when they are assumed to be work and inform them what they should not do on computer during work hours. The parents will observe what their kids are peforming on the pc at home. It is available for LAN. It can monitor all your employees' computers (the Clients) in LAN via a central computer (the Server).

Internet mangement with network pc monioring

Imonitor EAM is a friendly internet management software designed for LAN environment. It manages all client computers with one server. After some preparation work for network pc monitoring like adding IP address of target computer, you can monitor these running programs, visited websites and instant conversation message. With the help of Imonitor EAM you can block any unrelated program with work, restrict the employee to access unauthorized sites or data, prevent installing popular game software, regularly view related reports especially the email, thus check whether exists the leak of confidential information or not. When some sensitive devices are plugging in like USB storage device, flash memory disk or other removable disks etc, Imonitor EAM will sent alerts to server computer. IMonitor EAM allows you to view the downloading and uploading stream of every employee's computer. All of the data are saved for your later review. Besides monitoring files operation, record the files copied, pasted and deleted. And print all of the report in form of word, html etc as your need.


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