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"After testing 7 different software, I found only one which gave a decent monitoring of web based email attachments. Other features were very common to each, few variations of small importance. EAM Professional Edition (iMonitor) has come on top, it has a trigger system to start taking screenshots should any email be sent with attachments, keystrokes would not indicate this but the screenshots would show the action being taken. This was given to be as an essential item. This trigger system can be used to start snapshots on other events as well."

Jacques VezinaProduct Manager - Ciara Technologies USA

If you developped EAM, I would seriously like to congratulate you; this software is just awesome.I've been testing lots of software, educational software Teacher monitoring and Controlling PC Students included for about 4 years.When I say a lot, I mean plenty.I could highlight both strong features your competitors don't have and key point you need to enhance or develop.

Fernando J. FloresCEO - USA

"we already purchased ten users license and we are satisfied with that software. now we would like to purchase 25 more users."

KarthickSystem Admin - TAU

"I talked to the CEO about the importance of iMonitor. We need 5 licenses and 2 server license in Erbil branch. After that I will be installing it in the headquarters to monitor all 70 computers."


I have just purchased and installed the full version of your software, and I am very impressed with the functions & user interface of this software and would highly recommend this to anyone.

Mattias NufferSales Executive - USA

The most all-in-one monitoring solution I ever found, please send me every update of the software.

LoveniManager - Italy

We are an IT consulting company in New York with 30 years of experience, and one of the leading vendors in the security field. What we can say is your product is the best monitoring software on we have found.

Barensmanager - UK

Still trying it out. I like it a lot. Most likely I will purchase 3-5 client licenses, so we have this incase of needed monitoring.

DavidManger - USA

No problems at this time. Easy interface, makes logical sense on what is going on.

Kenneth McMinnSales Manager - US

I Love this software. it is really awesome. I am using trial version and i would like to purchase it for my 100 machines.

AligatorManager - Ireland

Dear team, you have very good software, and also very good chat support Mr Kavin help me lot for setup the software.. keep doing that lovelyy.

Kum sunil Sales manager - India

I'd like to committ my company in communicating your software to French market. Besides Volvo project, I'm targetting Radio France (French State Broadcast Company6000pc - 863 servers -> pretty big.)

LoonManger - USA

Yesterday i tried your product - EAM professional. I want to say, you're made amazing soft. It is the best monitor of all i tested Web watcher and others

LlyaIT supervisor - Poland

Extremely powerful software that has proven itself time and time again within our company. The ability to secure our customers systems with ease. Increasing their productivity in excess of 30% and reducing their data breaches completely.

TimothyAccount Manager - United States

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