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Why the employees are fired by Xerox Corporation frequently

IMonitor EAM Helps Us Know Better about Employee Behavior Regarding the Use of PC

You must be quite confused while reading the title! Xerox Corporation is one of the Fortune 500 companies ,who always fire employees from time to time. Particularly,in October 1999, Xerox Corporation was published in all kinds of newspapers for firing about 40 employees. In fact,what caused that was staff’s unreasonable behavior like logging unexpected websites, gambling online, playing the stock market,looking through porn sites,even do something work-unrelated for 8 hours.

With the Internet developing, the staff's improper behavior is inevitable and uncommon. Consequently, prevention is significant. Monitoring employee's computer has been a confessed secret in medium-sized enterprises.The imonitor employee monitoring software has been getting more attractive with the requirements increasing. Much more business has realized the value of the software gradually to heighten the security of business's information, improve the working efficiency, prevent staffs' improper conduct, and reduce liability and risk. Supposing to use the software quite meet the company's core interests, analyzed by many experts

iMonitor employee monitoring software greatly satisfied the manager's strong desire on business security ,which can be operated by anyone,even having a poor knowledge of computer.The system can support more than 2,000 client computers,to monitor activities on all computers like email,blog and chat and control freely as well as flexible according to manager's needs.

iMonitor Employee monitoring Software is very humane,instead of rigid,which not only insure the high security and convenient management but staff's comfortable ease as well.

No matter what you are,a manager or an employer,please try it if you are concerned about internet abuse,which will create an safe net environment.


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