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What is a keylogger

Keylogger introduction

Do you know what your spouse, kids or employees are doing on the computer and Internet? Is your spouse engaging in online sexual conversation while you are asleep? Are your kids taking secret chat conversations with an adult stranger? Are your employees sending your business secrets to your competitors? If you worry about these issues, you need our Power Keylogger product.

Keylogger, also known as spy software, is used to monitor or record all activities occurring on a user's computer. It is installed directly by the user who want to perform the monitoring. Many times spy software is confused with "spyware" or "malware" , but actually they are different.

Keylogger software allows you to legally monitor your children, spouse or employees, it often create reports for your eyes, and can be loaded intentionally by the purchaser. While Spyware/malware is often stealthily installed along with other software installations - it piggybacks onto your system - usually without your knowledge at all. Spyware reports back what websites you frequent, what your interests are, demographic information, and more to the creators of the spyware rather than you.

Our key logger products allow you to secretly monitor and record user's all activities on the computer, and it is completely legal. With our amazing keylogger software, you will be able to see exactly what people have been doing online and off-line, including e-mails, web sites visited, applications executed, every keystroke, including username and password, online conversations (ICQ, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, etc.) and even take screen snapshots every few seconds like a surveillance camera.


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