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Employee take private one and earn extra money during work hours

IMonitor EAM Helps Us Know Better about Employee Behavior Regarding the Use of PC

It is so convenient for modern citizens to take private one and earn extra money with Internet speeding up.however,doing something personal during working hours that influences the normal work is ethical issue,more than ability.consequently,how to deal with it when the company find it?

A department head of a listed company,Mr Smith,who manages the design,recently have found some employees who had ever worked efficiently listless and even could not finished the daily task.By accident,the employees were found taking private matters by Mr Smith,once the manager is coming,they turn off that.

In fact,many corporation managers are puzzled of such headache,who feel helpless and powerless.To our delight,a magic occurs - Employee Activity Monitor.

Employee Activity Monitor benefits Mr Smith a lot.Before installing,he asked them to behave themselves.But several days later,there still be an employee doing personal matter,who denied it at the beginning admitted that finally when Mr Smith showed the log records and screen shots.

After that,the department of design have never been such problems and the efficiency have improved a lot."If you find your"


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