Protect your business with iMonitor EAM The most complete employee computer activities monitoring software

Stop "File Theft", record every file operation on each computer, and receive an alert when user insert a removable disk.

IMonitor EAM records file operation and removable disk activities

IMonitor EAM records file operation:

IMonitor EAM alerts you when a removable disk is inserted into an employee's computer:

Removable disks like USB stick, MMC/SD Card, CD/DVD and other storage devices are once inserted into any computer in your company, a notification will be sent to your sever computer. Exactly, it is an alert. As long as you noticce the alert, you can locate the computer and block the USB of that computer, so in this way, you can prevent your important file from leaking.

And of course, IMonitor EAM can also spy employees' USB device activity. Maybe some crafty employees know something about monitor software, they may want to uninstall or delete these monitors, but it is not so easy, IMonitor EAM can work stably and invisibly without any shortcut on the desktop.

IMonitor EAM is so stealthily that the user won't know its existence. IMonitor EAM records keystrokes, websites visited, windows opened, applications run, Skype, MSN Messenger, ICQ, AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Messenger, MS Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, AOL Explorer, Avant Browser, Maxthon, NetCaptor, SlimBrowser, clipboard activities, passwords typed, emails and, douments opened, and even takes screenshots.

In Stealth Mode, IMonitor EAM is completely invisible to computer users - No trace in Add/Remove Programs, Start menu, Applications, Windows Task Manager, and no icons, shortcuts or other items. You can either receive all logging records from a pre-set email box! These reports can be sent at intervals as you wish, such as every sixty minutes. IMonitor EAM can be password protected to prevent others from terminating or uninstalling them.

Possible usages of IMonitor EAM include: monitor employees, children, spouse, and acquire others' passwords, chat records, websites visited and investigate crimes. While IMonitor EAM is the perfect tool for catching a cheating spouse, it is also perfect for long-term child monitoring. Imagine being able to see EXACTLY what your child is doing online. Are they safe when online? Now you'll be able know for sure so you can take action.


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