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Keystroke logger

Power Keylogger is the most powerful keystroke logger in the world

Keystroke logger is a computer monitoring software that is intended for interception and recording in a file of everything that is entered from the keyboard. Keystroke logger can work in a hidden mode and to emerge on pressing a combination of keys. Keystroke logger can present the recorded data in a neat way that is easy to read but at the same time fixing exactly every event that has been done.

By constantly using Keystroke logger you will save your time by preventing accidental data damage and loss that is frequently caused by the use of Internet. You can immediately restore the text which was typed yesterday, the day before yesterday, or one week ago. Home Keylogger will also help to recollect passwords that you have forgotten or to recover lost e-mail. Relieve yourself from accidents!

Supported OS: Windows98, 2000, XP, Windows 7/8/8.1/10.

Invisible Keystroke Logger (CAPTURE ALL KEYSTROKES)

Keystroke logger is an advanced keyboard activity tracking tool. It captures alphanumeric keystrokes and records hidden characters keystroke like, alt, tab, shift, ctrl key. It allows you to secretly investigate everything that happens on your PC, what your spouse, kids or employees have been doing on the computer and Internet. Keystroke logger cannot be detected or removed by the users of your PCs. It runs completely invisibly and is impossible to detect or remove by your teenage kids or spouse. Computer keystroke logger logs internet activity, husband's surfing activities and every key pressed by users.

Capture keyboard keystrokes pressed instantly?

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