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Internet monitoring software-iMonitor EAM in iMonitorSoft offer you a 15-day free trial.

Centralized employee monitoring solution, SEE & LOG everything they do on the PC & INTERNET in real-time. iMonitor EAM Allows you invisibly monitor all employee's PC & internet activities from one centralized position.

Live Screenshots Website Visited Chat / Instant Messages Online Searches
Program Activities Document Tracking Print Job Clipboard Activities
Network Activity FTP File Transfers Event Alerts Removable Disk Alerts
Remote Control Hardware Software Asset Software Alteration Lock Remote PC
Send MSG to Employees Block Application Block Website Disable USB Stick
Remote Task Manager End Application Enumerate Services Enumerate Auto-run
Send File to Employees Upload File Send Command Work Time Tracking


No free edition for internet monitoring software but 15-day free trial

Monitor employee's computer and internet activities. Both its standard and professional edition can give a 15-day free trial. After the 15-day probation, all the previously provided functions in iMonitor EAM will be gone. If you still want to use this Internet monitoring software, just buy it now. Although 15-day free trial can give you a perfect experience about Internet monitoring, some of its features are still be restricted. Only can be used after you buying the software.

iMonitor EAM-Company-Wide Internet Monitoring Software

iMonitor EAM is the earliest flagship product developed by iMonitor Software Company, which are mainly focus on employee monitoring and offers a high level view of the ongoing internet activities. With its powerful function and professional service, iMonitor EAM has won the favor of small, medium and large companies. Now we have launched two version- iMonitor EAM Standard Version and iMonitor EAM Professional Version. There isn't too much difference between these two version - the professional version contains all features in EAM standard version, if anything, EAM Professional edition contains Work Time Tracker module. It is also a unique feature designed in iMonitor EAM Professional Version. thus you can implement a entire internet monitoring for the employees' work process.

iMonitor EAM actually like a tailor-made product for company manager, which can gradually help improve the company's working efficiency and productivity, reduce the time shopping around online, ensure good employee climate, high morale and effective communication. And we will provide you a easy way to inspect the internet activities across business network with clear graphical charts. To say it more specifically, iMonitor EAM tracks and records websites history, accessed sites, accessed URLs, online chat conversations, email incoming and outgoing, ftp download and upload activity, file transfer etc.

Power keylogger-Perfect way for home internet monitoring

Power Keylogger is definitely designed for home users, which can allow you to completely record all internet activities including Keyloggers, MSN Spy, Yahoo Messenger Spy, Website History, Application Spy, Screenshot and Desktop recorder, Email spy in fully stealth mode. The recorded logs can access either from local server terminal or remote connection via email service. In addition, the optimized the activity reports with accurate details in Power Keylogger can make user better understand what PC users are doing. Power Keylogger can block and filter chat clients, websites, and applications as well.

Anywhere Monitor- Professional choice for remote internet monitoring

Anywhere Monitor is a remote monitoring software that means absolutely no any limited conditions monitor remote computers. To summarize its key feature in a word is unlimited, which makes convenience for the business users who can't view logs because of the limitation of region and time. Now you only need to log in Anywhere Monitor web server via internet browser, then just like in local network the remote agent computer logs will be fully revealed. Anywhere Monitor captures screenshots of user activity and records keystrokes, websites, applications, chats, emails and file system usage etc.


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