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Employee monitoring of email

Employee monitoring of email maily focus on monitoring the internet acitvies refer to email.

Centralized employee monitoring solution, SEE & LOG everything they do on the PC & INTERNET in real-time. IMonitor EAM Allows you invisibly monitor all employee's pc & internet activities from one contralized position.

IMonitor EAM is the best and all-in-one employee monitoring solution for corporate, it can record every computer and internet activitiy you ever think of.

Live Screenshots Website visited Chat / Instant Messages Online searches
Program activities Document tracking Print job Clipboard activities
Network activity FTP File Transfers Event alerts Removable disk alerts
Remote control Hardware software asset software alteration Lock remote pc
Send msg to employees Block application Block website disable USB stick
Remote task manager End application Enumerate services Enumerate Auto-run
Send file to employees Upload file Send command Work time tracking


The necessity for employee network monitoring

Monitoring your employee network is essential for the well-being of your company. When employees access the company computers and web service, they're engaged in company time and must abide by company rules of conduct. Employee network monitoring allows you to spot the employee who commit inappropriate activities and unhealthy activities with company's internal network. and hold them responsible for those actions occurred. Just as students on the classroom network are monitored to make sure they stay on task, employees are monitored under greater scrutiny, as the company reputation rides on how your employees conduct themselves on your network.

What will the employee network monitoring do for the employer?

Using EAM software can allow you to live monitor one, some or all of the computers on your network. You will be able to see screens in real time of the employee network activity. With live employee network monitoring features, you can monitor your entire network from one location. You will be able to monitor and correct any inappropriate activities that occur on your company's internal network. You will be able to take action immediately to put a stop to misconduct. You will be able to monitor the website visited by employees websites and even the website visited more during the working time.

Employee network monitoring features:

Internet computer monitoring is a program that runs invisibly in the background, recording all computer activities and saving results to log files for further investigation, it can track and record everything performed on local computer, including usernames, passwords, incoming and outcoming emails, online chat conversations, websites visited and programs executed, etc.

With Internet computer monitoring you will more flexibly monitor and record every detail of computer and Internet activity in home and office. Internet computer monitoring can improve your office productivity by knowing what your employees are doing and how. In addition, it help you become more aware of low productivity, terrible employee performance or suspicious employee activities. Our Internet computer monitoring products are completely invisible for your employees and run silently while logging everything that happens on their computers.


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