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The deep reflection of Foxconn data leaking

IMonitor EAM Helps Us Know Better about Employee Behavior Regarding the Use of PC

It is more and more obvious that there have been many abuses like leaking data,chatting and playing games on pc,which influence a lot on the development of corporation with the computer being used widely.

According to a survey, the employee spend little time on computer for work, instead,much time to do something work-unrelated.Meanwhile,the events of leaking data is increasing substantially.

In previous,there be no effective measures for corporation to take but cutting out the network or using intranet.However,that is not conductive to company.Employee Activity Monitor,just like a magic,brings the greatest gospel for modern corporation to solve these problems.

So,what is computer monitoring?How about the functions?

The brightest superiority keeps the employee in work status and prevents the leaking data of corporation by monitoring,recording and stopping printing,saving,emailing or chatting at any time to speed up the efficiency of company.

Top quality,top specialty and top service,is sharp purpose of monitoring software,which will bring top experience and enjoy for customers!


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