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Employee Monitoring Good for the Employee

Monitoring employees and avoiding the business benefit loss

You have heard or watched the news about some trusted employees stole business information from company. Occasionally they stole for revenge or excitement, but in most cases, they stole for money.

No need care it is for a little money or a lot, the fact we should focus is these malicious employees have worked for their employers for years. Unfortunately, with the recent economic downturn, more white-collar employees might feel that the reward, or the vengeance of stealing from their employer, may outweigh the risk of being caught.

For employers, it is time to shift from worrying mostly about external hackers, worms, or phishing attacks to worrying about the insider threat and how to manage better employee monitoring network. Knowing such facts, many businesses have already increased their employee monitoring level:

Based upon what we're seeing globally, there will be a greater onus on monitoring for insider activity and determining the "who" when an incident occurs. Questions such as who did it; should they be doing it, and if not, what else are they doing; how long has it been happening; and who else is involved, need to be addressed efficiently and effectively. At the end of the day, you can't arrest a laptop.

Utilizing employee monitoring software, security advisors will be easy and better monitor employees’ activities. By using such employee monitoring software, you will know well what they are doing and what have done during working time, even when you are away from office, you still can view real-time logs via presetting email address.

Some people might see employee monitoring software as "Big Brother." Perhaps surprisingly, however, not only are organizations pushing for this type of monitoring, but so are many employees. Anyway employees monitoring for businesses isn't "Big Brother." It's smart business, and it helps protect employers as well as their employees.


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