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Employee monitoring and security

Employee monitoring and security maily refers to the employee 's privacy in the monitoring process.

Centralized employee monitoring solution, SEE & LOG everything they do on the PC & INTERNET in real-time. IMonitor EAM Allows you invisibly monitor all employee's pc & internet activities from one contralized position.

IMonitor EAM is the best and all-in-one employee monitoring solution for corporate, it can record every computer and internet activitiy you ever think of.

Live Screenshots Website visited Chat / Instant Messages Online searches
Program activities Document tracking Print job Clipboard activities
Network activity FTP File Transfers Event alerts Removable disk alerts
Remote control Hardware software asset software alteration Lock remote pc
Send msg to employees Block application Block website disable USB stick
Remote task manager End application Enumerate services Enumerate Auto-run
Send file to employees Upload file Send command Work time tracking


Employee Privacy and Ethical Issues

With the powerrful support of IMonitor EAM the employers can monitor all aspects of their employees, but at the same time the privacy of the employee will be threatened. The issue about employee monitoring and security has generally coom into our sight. The employee has their own privacy rights while they are in their work environment. So companies need to make sure they remain moral in utilizing techniques for monitoring the employees. but the big challenge that companies face is to pay attention to their privacy through Internet monitoring while make the most of EAM features to manage their employee's activities. So maybe the best way to solve this trouble is to establish a rule agreed both the employer and employee.Thus both the the employer and employee will understand what is expected of each other.

Email security

E-mail scanning is the core part in EAM which refer to the employee monitoring and security . It is a process scanning the incoming and outcoming mails to check whether the content violate the the policies of the employer. Often the suspectable email wil be then reviewed by the higher mannager (a human), which cause the employee awful and they consider it an invasion of privacy, but in many situations, employment contracts are written to give the employer permission to use it without legal repercussions.

Policy for employee monitoring and security

Given the privacy of the employee, it is necessary to make the corresponding policy of employee mnotoring for your own company.. Take an example for sending E-mail , Your policy should regulate which can be done , which can not be done, and emphasize that everyone is expected to be careful when sending messages using company-owned electronic equipment. The policy should also include consequences for policy violations. To notice the employee not to leak their own message from company's email server.


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