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Employee activity monitoring software

IMonitor EAM offers high efficient work to your company.

IMonitor EAM - Employee Activity Monitoring Software records internet & computer activity, monitors computer usage, Increases productivity and security and helps you to find out what employees are doing including Web sites visited, Chat, Email, Applications used when they are assumed to work during office hours. So you can easily manage employees' performance.

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Monitor and record all the windows opened by your employees, programs they are running, web sites they visited. You know the working conditions of employees under your fingers.

All records can be saved in the database on the server for you. You can review them at any time.

To monitor and record operations such as copy, paste, delete files and plug and unplug the removable disk.

Monitor and record every employee's computer network in real-time. All data is saved for your future review.

Screenshots capture. You can view the employees' computer screen (motive picture on the server) at any time.

Monitor the application installation. You can see which software is installed in your employees' computer on your computer at any time.
Monitor the process. You can see what software is running on employees' computer at any time on the computer, you can end the process as you like.

Monitor chat conversations. To monitor and record all ICQ chat, MSN conversation and Yahoo Messenger conversation.

Backup files. Automatic backup of all additions and modifications to the data of your employee's computer(Word document, program uninstallation, etc).

Monitor the outgoing mail. Monitor and record all e-mail received or sent by Fox and Outlook Express.

Monitor system. You can monitor all the hardware and hard disk usage information on your employees' computer at any time.

IMonitor EAM can help employees and managers monitor and supervise the company, from a sever for all staff computers. You can deploy all your plan in a few seconds, and it is easy and dependable.

IMonitor EAM is used for real-time monitoring computer activities of network users, and continuously tracking the all connection to the computer. Remotely view the computer screen, remotely monitor and record Internet sites history, used applications, etc.

With this software you can record all activities in the log files.
Try this computer monitoring software, it is more powerful than you can imagine.


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