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Don’t Look Easily at Internet Abuse

Internet abuses are the pitalls in the office, thinking it carefully on the mind

It is a common fact that internet has proved itself to be a revolutionary invention since the 20th century. Internet technology helps employees increase their working efficiency and productivity. However like old saying, one coin has two sides, internet also gives employees many chances to doing their personal affairs like visit inappropriate website, shopping on ebay or amazon, chatting with their buddies and other internet abuses.

See this figure, according of latest study showing, if employees with a high-speed connection waste at least one hour a day on the internet, costing an employer an average of $5,000 a year in productivity alone. That’s a $250,000 drain for a 50-person company.

But for employers, it is ridiculous that standing behind your employees and looking over their shoulders all day. It seems a tough task, doesn’t it? However computer security technology has found out an answer for you – employee monitoring software.

Monitoring employees’ activities during working, employees monitoring software is best solution for business, which cost much less but offer your business more benefits. With monitoring activities of your employees, you can be easy to protect the bottom line and the livelihood of your company. You should realize that fact – you have the right to know if your employees are on the task and compliant with company security policy.

Easily understand what are Your Employees doing or have been done
With the assistant of employee monitoring software, you can easily know these answers for below questions like:

Besides above, employee monitoring software also can provide comprehensive reports of employees’ activities including:

Not only these logs, you also can monitor employees with screenshot and real time view remote desktop features. Screen snapshots can snap employees desktop as each second or pre-set time interval, creating the equivalent of a digital surveillance tape showing the exact sequence of everything employees do at the PC, step by step. Employers can play back the screen snapshots just like watching a movie.

So to the conclusion, employee monitoring software is a must have tool for current business working environment. Things never be late, if you have already understand the value of it for your business company. Grabbing one just now!


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