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Computer internet monitoring parental control software

Imonitor Power keylogger makes parental control possible and IMonitor EAM is also a covert surveillance software for long-term child monitoring.

Centralized employee monitoring solution, SEE & LOG everything they do on the PC & INTERNET in real-time. IMonitor EAM Allows you invisibly monitor all employee's pc & internet activities from one contralized position.

Live Screenshots Website visited Chat / Instant Messages Online searches
Program activities Document tracking Print job Clipboard activities
Network activity FTP File Transfers Event alerts Removable disk alerts
Remote control Hardware software asset software alteration Lock remote pc
Send msg to employees Block application Block website disable USB stick
Remote task manager End application Enumerate services Enumerate Auto-run
Send file to employees Upload file Send command Work time tracking


What should parental control software do for the parents?

Parental control software should help parents flexibly control their children's spare time, block the unhealthy website that referring to child pornography and offert the kids a more safe internet environment. Nowadays quite a few children like playing online games, which makes them feel free of boring studying and get away from their mother's chatters. Parents out ! Here comes the chance! But now with the help of Power Keylogger- specialized parental control software, that stil can be true?

Power Keylogger -Powerful parental control software

In order to protect your kids from potential internet threats, Imonitorsoft offer you Power Keylogger- a perfect computer internet monitoring software for parental control, which can monitor all activities that your kids did on the computer and automatically generated report logs as well. Later those logs will be sent to your pre-sent email account, thus you can timely do computer internet monitoring to your kids. The report records all typed keystrokes including login ID and password, running programs and all incoming and outgoing instant messages and emails. It supports MSN (Windows Live Messenger) ,ICQ, AOL, Yahoo Messenger. Microsoft Outlook 2000/XP/2003/2007, Microsoft Outlook Express 5/6, Windows Vista WinMail and Incredi Mail.

IMonitor Power Keylogger software is mainly designed for home users, Comparing with other similar software in market, Power Keylogger is the best all in one software that includes all function home users required just like screen capture, monitoring keystrokes, filtering email, recording websites history, tracking instant chat messages. Power Keylogger software enables you to see exactly what your spouse, children and other family members are doing on your computer in completely stealth mode. Taking up lower storage space is another big feature of Power Keylogger. Without any icon in taskbar, any alert or notice, users can neither see the reported logs nor detect any running application.


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