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Computer game monitoring

Computer game monitoring software can monitor all computer game that your employees play during work time.

As we have kept emphasizing and some supervisor of many establishments complain, there are just too many novel things in the internet world, distracting just too many workers from their work, and causing a great amount of waste to the revenue to your business. Among the novel things, the most damaging and evil things is some game softwares based on the internet. Just browsing newspaper or news website, you will be startled to find the staggering statistic about what is the percentage of the employees who uses some game softwares to seek fun, commit some seemingly minor act, or bamboozle, deceive during the working hours on the computers of the companies. What is the average time they spend on their hobbies? How much damage can these conducts cause ? To what extent dose this impact the efficiency and focus of your companies?

Many entrepreneurs in recent yeas has to invest heavily in the protection of computer networks from viruses and spyware. But now we face another difficult task of how to limit and control the computer game which has become a entertainment tool for many workers during work time, but at the expense of society, not only is this an unprofessional behavior that can erode productivity, but playing games tend to be copied by others, as more and more people know that game, you will get more fun when you play, if share it with your friends. This makes the situation worse.

This is not just a productivity problem here. They can be consuming valuable bandwidth resources by some other kinds of usage in the company. Some games downloaded from internet often contains some viruses, spyware and malicious software which post a great thread to the confidential data in the company. The games are getting more graphics-intensive, and what that means is that the processing on the network is becoming more intensive. Other some workers allege gaming improves memory and boosts the immune system, as well as worker morale. As we have seen, however, damage done by games far way outweigh the benefits.

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