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Centralized employee monitoring solution, SEE & LOG everything they do on the PC & INTERNET in real-time. IMonitor EAM Allows you invisibly monitor all employee's pc & internet activities from one contralized position.

Live Screenshots Website visited Chat / Instant Messages Online searches
Program activities Document tracking Print job Clipboard activities
Network activity FTP File Transfers Event alerts Removable disk alerts
Remote control Hardware software asset software alteration Lock remote pc
Send msg to employees Block application Block website disable USB stick
Remote task manager End application Enumerate services Enumerate Auto-run
Send file to employees Upload file Send command Work time tracking


Learn Center for internet monitoring software home users

Whether you are a green hand or familar with the monitoring software usage, you definitely need our help to get started your internet monioring experience. Here Learn Center in IMonitorsoft offers you the best service for your concerns and doubts. Both Imonitor EAM and Power Keylogger provided by IMonitorsoft can be used as internet monitoring software for home users. Internet monitoring software for home users mainly focus on recording and tracking every detail of computer internet activitiy including websites history, keystrokes, emails sent and received, instant chat messages, running programs, file transfering, uploading & downloading activities, print jobs, etc All of those live monitoring will be saved as report logs and sent to the pre-sent email account or the server computer, thus can help the home users know the movements of their family member. furthermore, protect them from potential internet threats.

Learn Center for internet monitoring software business users

Just like the role Learn Center played in internet monitoring software for home users, business users also need help in using this monitoring software. What makes them different is the specific content concerned and its monitored environment, employers are more concerned about the employees' working process-what the employees are doing during their working time? Are they wasting the working time and do something unrelated to the work? And Imonitor EAM is a specialized employee monitoring software, and with its help, any computer activity detail can be revealed for you to see.

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