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A boss's hard harassment

IMonitor EAM Helps Us Know Better about Employee Behavior Regarding the Use of PC

Recently, a prohibition that the staff were forbidden to log the social websites during hours has been put forward by the British Portsmouth Guildhall.believe it or not, each employee spent so much time,about 572 hours a month on some hot websites like Facebook unexpectedly ,instead of working concentratedly.

Information technology office is more efficient and productive , meanwhile,there be much more troubles in management. How to prevent employee from looking through Irrelevant information, playing games, chatting, surfing the internet and so on is a hard harassment for many bosses and,how to make employee work seriously ?

It is exorbitant to use large firewall for small business with twenty or thirty staves.In addition,specialized product of internet behavior management is not valuable for money.what a great perfection if there be a piece of equipment which is not only fundamental net but strong in management as well.

Exactly, what is the best covert and simple equipment?The most proper choice is Imonitor Employee Software!,which contributes a stereoscopic and professional system for business computer security, in monitoring, managing, analysing, restricting and other more aspects, to help managers make an appropriate policy rules, create a positive atmosphere at work, encourage their employees to use computers and networks reasonable.

iMonitor Employee Monitoring tool, It forces your business always in your control when employee working and leaving!


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