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Block USB - Disable USB Devices Block

IMonitor EAM blocks USB to prevent confidencial file from lossing.

The advantages of USB sticks

With USB storage devices, you can transport large files with you to a client's remote office and access the data without worrying about compatibility. Employees can take work home with them, or travel with just their data instead of lugging a laptop around. And unlike a CD-R disk, you can edit the document or data stored on the Flash Drive as many times as you like.

Why do we need to block it?

Portable USB storage devices are indeed very handy, but they can also be used to upload dangerous code to your computer (either deliberately or by accident), or to copy confidential information from company computer and take it away. With IMonitor EAM you can prevent users from using any portable USB removable disk or flash drive by using a custom.

How does IMonitor EAM block USB storage devices?

Click Hardware&Software, click removable device.

Click removable device, click usb stick.

block usb

IMonitor EAM computer monitoring software is a hard disk protection software containing USB access blocker which reduces the risk of data leakage, data theft, computer viruses by physically blocking USB ports from unauthorized access. This versatile security system effectively offers instant, maintenance-free data protection that eliminates the burden of software installations and updates.

Data theft and data leakage are prominent liabilities for businesses today. Portable USB devices provide easy access to your computer's sensitive data. Take the first and easiest step to secure your vulnerable data with the IMonitor EAM monitoring software.


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