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iMonitor 365 User Guide for Windows

1.Installation Guide

2.Antivirus software configuration

3.Uninstallation Guide

4.Monitoring scene


1. Installation Guide

1.1 Sign up an account

Please click Sign Up to sign up with your Email address first.
1.2 Sign in

After sign-up, please click sign in to log in the iMonitor 365 web console.

1.3 Download agent program

Download Agent Program

1.4 Install the agent software

Download the Agent installer onto the computer which you want to monitor, run it, input your account ID and password to complete the installation.


1.5 Start monitoring

After all those steps, you can start monitor now.

If you still have doubts in installing the client program, please feel free to contact us via live chat on our website or the following:

Phone number: 1-626-414-2958
Skype ID:

2.Antivirus software configuration

Add Agent program installation folder and the main program file path into the exclusion list of the anti-virus software.

The path of Agent installation folder is:


The main program file path is:



If the Agent program has been banned by anti-virus software, please re-install the Agent software.

3.Uninstallation Guide

>If you want to uninstall the installed client program , please run the client installation program again on the monitored computer, then the installation program will show you the option to uninstall as below. Uninstallation is protected with password, you must enter the correct account password to uninstall. uninstall

4.Monitoring scene

Easy to use. Whether you're in the office or at home, or taking a public transport, you will be able to monitor the devices that you want to monitor as long as your computer or mobile phone can connect to the internet.

5.Tech FAQ

5.1 I do not know how to install the iMonitor 365 agent program,can you help me to install it?

If you have purchased a license, we can help you to install the iMonitor agent program via remote desktop tool, please feel free to contact us.

5.2 How long will the logs be stored on the server? Any limitation for data size?

The logs will be stored for 15 days. If you want to extend the time, please contact us. And there is no data size limitation.

5.3 Anti-spyware or Antivirus software prevents me from installing iMonitor 365 Agent.

You may add paths of the client program installation folder and the main program file into the exceptions list or trusted list.of anti-virus software.

The path of client installation folder is:

The path of client main program is:

If the client program has been banned by anti-virus software, please re-install the client software.

5.4 Is the agent program running in stealth mode, will the user find it?

Yes, iMonitor 365 agent program works in totally stealth mode without any message & window popups, and protected by your iMonitor Web Console account password.

5.5 How long is the synchronization interval?

Commonly it is 1-2 minutes, but due to internet connection situation it might be postponed sometimes.

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